Hybrid Hybrid theory linkin park LPU 2 Undergroundv3.0

With You03:23

With You

Hybrid Theory version

Now I See03:30

Now I See

Demo Version

"With You" is the third track on Hybrid Theory. It has been released in its live rendition as well on Underground 2.0 and Underground 3.0, and appeared on the DVD version of Live in Texas. With You was also remixed on Reanimation by Aceyalone as Wth>You.


History Edit

There are two known recordings of the songs which where where under the name "Now I See", a verse from the song. In this demo, the drums where different in parts, the guitar was more distorted and the vocals are slightly different, with more echoing.

Song Meaning Edit

"With You" explains a situation where a couple has grown emotionally distant of each other.

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