This page is a database of all "Album Spans" that can be used for labelling at the top of a song page or otherwise.



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Xero Demo Xero Demo Tape

Hybrid Demo from Pre-Hybrid Theory Era

Hybrid Theory ep Hybrid Theory EP

Hybrid theory linkin park Hybrid Theory

Meteora Meteora

Minutes-To-Midnight Minutes to Midnight

A Thousand Suns A Thousand Suns

Living-things Living Things

Live in Texas Live in Texas

Linkin Park Road To Revolution Wall 204476 29086 Road to Revolution

Ituneseplpa iTunes Festival: London 2011 EP

Hybrid Theory Live Around World Hybrid Theory Live Around the World

Meteora Live Around the World Meteora Live Around the World

Minutes to Midnight Live around the world Minutes to Midnight Live Around the World

ThousandSuns Liveroundatworld A Thousand Suns Live Around the World

LPU 2 Underground 2.0

Undergroundv3.0 Underground 3.0

Underground4 Underground 4.0

20110426140056!Linkin Park - Underground 5.0 Underground 5.0

Underground6 Underground 6.0

Linkin Park Underground 7 0 Front Underground 7.0

LP Underground 9 Demos CD Underground 9

Underground X Underground X

Lpunderground11 Underground 11

Underground 12 Underground 12

Onestepcloser One Step Closer Single

LinkinPark PaperCut Papercut Single

The Catalyst The Catalyst Single

Reanimation Reanimation

8-Bit Rebellion! 8-Bit Rebellion!

Under Skin Under Skin

MmmCookies Mmm...Cookies

Collision-course-cover Collision Course