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Hybrid Theory Runaway

Stick N' Move02:42

Stick N' Move

Stick N' Move Xero

LPU 9 Stick N Move00:55

LPU 9 Stick N Move

Stick N' Move Underground 9

"Runaway" is the sixth track on Hybrid Theory, it has also appeared in a live rendition on Live in Texas and on the Single CD for "From the Inside".


Stick N' Move Xero Lyrics

History Edit

The first known rendition of the song is was entitled "Stick N' Move" on the Xero demo tape. This version of the song is quite different from Runaway, and was converted over to runaway during the recording of Hybrid Theory. A short instrumental section of the song while from when it was in development was released on Underground 9.0, the section is still labelled as "Stick N' Move" and is apparently from 1999.

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