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Points of Authority
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Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer

Other Names

"Points & Authority" (Demo)

"Oh No" (Demo)

"Vertical Limits" (Demo)


Linkin Park - Points Of Authority With Lyrics Full HD 1080p03:22

Linkin Park - Points Of Authority With Lyrics Full HD 1080p

Album Version

Linkin Park - Points of Authority (Demo) LPU 1203:06

Linkin Park - Points of Authority (Demo) LPU 12

LPU12 Demo

Linkin Park - LPUX - Oh No (Points Of Authority Demo)02:06

Linkin Park - LPUX - Oh No (Points Of Authority Demo)

Oh No

"Points of Authority" is track four on Hybrid Theory. It has also made appearences, in its live rendition, on Live in Texas and Hybrid Theory Live Around the World. Points of Authority was remixed for the album Reanimation under the name Pts.OF.Athrty by Jay Gordon, and that track was remixed as well by The Crystal Method for Underground 2.0, it was also remixed on the "Mashup" album Collision Course with Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and One Step Closer.


LPU 12 Demo Lyrics

History Edit

Various demos of Points of Authority appear on promotional content from the pre-Hybrid theory era, a demo on a promo labelled with the tracks final name, a demo titled "Points & Authority" on another. Underground X included a short instrumental track named "Oh No", which eventually evolved into Points of Authority, and Underground 12 has yet another demo. Aside from those, there are a multitude of fake and other demos, that are not confirmed or otherwise, have they're origins known, including a demo titled "Vertical Limits".

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